Change, and never ending improvement

No organization is ever exactly finished or perfect. There is always room for improvement. This is exemplified by the Japanese philosophy or practice of ‘Kaizen’, meaning constant and never ending improvement. This is a good mentality to have so that you are always working to make your business better. This way, your organization can grow and stay relevant. Unfortunately, all businesses and organizations have weaknesses that may be very difficult to identify and deal with.

The good news is that the more weaknesses that you can identify and fix, the more improvement you will see over time. Progress requires a process of evaluation and change. Each small step is like another piece of a math problem or puzzle that all comes together in the end. The changes that involve culture, behavior and people are much more delicate and intimate. This requires gentle shaping as well as a personal touch and investment from the leader to really make that change happen.

To shape your organization, there are a few essentials that ensure the changes go smoothly.

  • To make the improvement that you want, it must be gradual and consistent. Too much at once overwhelms your team and incite panic, too little and nothing actually gets done.
  • Since it takes time, be sure to detail how you’re going to make these changes. Write down even the smallest steps you need to take to change.
  • Throughout the process, your organization needs one constant leader and role model. You must delegate tasks to your trusted team members, but you must be the solid leader at this time.
  • If you start to see a regression, remember it’s hard to lose old habits. It just means that more effort is required to keep everyone on track.
  • As the leader, you have to stay on top of the improvements. If you forget about it, so does your team!
  • Break up your goals into smaller pieces and make sure each one is highly detailed. The small victories and accomplishments just make it easier.

It is so satisfying to look back and see what a difference you have made in your organization. Focus on the results and good things start to happen before you know it. 

If you would like further information or you have any questions about this blog give me a call at 305-899-9963 or email me at [email protected] and we’ll make it happen.

Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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