Committing to your success

Where does your commitment to your business lie? You are either committed to making the work you do easier, or blaming others, making excuses why things can’t be done, or simply living in denial.

The truth is that if you want incredible results in your business and your life, you have to take ownership. Only you can make those changes to see amazing things happen. You are the one that is totally accountable and responsible for your actions.

So, in your business you can either react to everything that comes your way or do the work that makes everything easier.

Most people do the things that have effect in the short term; it’s easy to choose to do the work that will make things better right now, and it’s common to avoid short term discomfort, even if it means things will be better later on. Often we focus on the urgent, rather than the important.

When you do things this way, you don’t do anything outside of your comfort zone then you and your business don’t grow. Even though you know what is required of you to achieve success, you don’t take action because you don’t want to go through the short term discomfort of stepping out of what is familiar.

Everything is made more difficult when you neglect the actions required to really thrive. Think about it, it affects how you live your life.

To fix this you must commit! Make that final decision to do whatever it takes to achieve exactly what is it that you want. Then, write out exactly how you picture what you want your life to be and how exactly you will achieve that.

You must motivate yourself and be committed in order to achieve what you really want even if it means temporary discomfort for long term gain.  Remember, others can inspire you, but only YOU can truly motivate yourself.

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Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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