Communicating powerful common goals

Being a leader is more than just trying to encourage your team to do their best. It is much more powerful to unite your people around one common goal.

Who are “your people?”  “Your people” means more than just your internal team.  It also includes your customers, vendors, strategic alliances, friends and family.  You will be surprised how all these stake holders will help you achieve you goal, but only if they know about it!

When all your team does is show up and do their best and they aren’t really inspired by anything but “I did a good job today,” they won’t grow and neither will your business. People need to be challenged to tap into their sense of belonging. People always want to feel important and that they are a part of something.

When a team has a meaningful common goal, it gives what they’re doing significance. That goal must be inspiring to leader so that the same inspiration and enthusiasm can be transmitted to the team. This way, everyone will act with the same sense of purpose.

Even the difference between having rough and clear goals is astounding. You can see the excitement and feel how awesome the results are and will be when you have crystal clear goals.

Take a step back and think: have you clearly identified your goals?  How clearly have you communicated your goals to all your stake holders? How powerful do you think your goals are for your team? How well do you know all your team members’ individual goals?

Get clear, concise goals and communicate them directly for more success in your business. The more others know about your goals, the more they will help you achieve them.

Wishing you success and abundance!

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Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”


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