Creating Raving Fans

If you’ve read my previous article on The Ladder of Customer Loyalty, you’ll know that the top rung of your seven types of prospect/customer interactions is your Raving Fans.

The most valuable asset to your business is your raving fans. They are so much better than sales representatives because of their credibility. To make this happen and to get your customers this excited about your business, you have to create the ideal buying experience.

  1. Make a list of each point of contact your business has with your target market. Often referred to as “Moments of Truth”. Begin this list with all types of marketing and advertising you use to reach out to suspects.
  2. Provide detail for each step of the list you created. Write down exactly how the customer would want the experience to go, including a few CNEs. CNE stands for critical non-essentials; these are the small gestures that make you stand out from your competitors.
  3. Compare this ideal process to what you’re actually doing. Remember to be realistic, it is impossible to reach the same ideal with each customer, but it is important to exceed their expectations and to deliver what is most important to your customer. ‘Customer satisfaction’, or meeting their expectations, just doesn’t cut it anymore!
  4. Create a detailed, step-by-step process on how this ideal will be implemented. Make a list of the changes that will be made and why, then communicate these changes with your team. Make sure that each team member is aware of the expectations for each customer.
  5. Calculate and distribute the new measures and goals for your new process. They need to be realistic and attainable with your new plan. Remember the acronym S.M.A.R.T. as it is applied to goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results oriented, and Time bound.
  6. Make a timeline and record your goals on a timescale. Make sure it illustrates when the process will be ready, when it will be implemented, when you will review the outcomes and so on.
  7. Include in your plan a system to measure your customer’s reactions to your changes, such as a survey or sales questions.
  8. Once you perfect your new system, add a plan that will ensure your new system is sustained. Consistency is key! Remember, what isn’t measured will fade away.

Communication is essential to this entire process. Some of your team may not like the changes, some may resist openly. Involve your team in the process, and instill a sense of ownership, accountability and responsibility.  They will have a different perspective than you and it is likely they will bring something to your attention that you hadn’t considered.

 Keep making improvements to your customer experience and you can see your raving fan base grow. Always continue moving forward, or let yourself move backwards, it’s your choice.

 If you would like further information or you have any questions about this blog give me a call at 305-899-9963 or email me at [email protected] and we’ll make it happen.

Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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