Do you know what’s making you money?

Are you taking on too much? Meaning, is your business trying to do much? Often, small businesses try to do more and offer too much to too many people.

At the beginning, these small businesses are successful, they have more customers, they make more money and they grow, but during this process they begin to try new things and offer more and more products and services and eventually they lose sight of what they started with – their core product.

The business owner can sometimes get bored with the selling the same thing for so long, and he or she wants to add something new. There is no problem with adding to what you already offer, as long as you keep doing what you’re good at.

Think of what your business is good at, what brings you the most money? What is the one product that you know will make you money every time you finish a job or close a sale? Compare that with a newer product or service you have. Maybe one isn’t sold as much, is more expensive, difficult to ship, or takes up too much of your or your team’s  time.

If you find that the newer product isn’t doing as well, try going back to your original products and make sure it’s getting the right attention to keep making you money. Also, go through your products and decide what the costs and benefits are of each. Make a choice on what’s worth your time and what isn’t. You can shape your business to get the results you want.

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Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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