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When someone comes into your business asking only about price, it is very likely that they aren’t exactly sure of what they want. They may not know what make or model or size or color simply because they don’t really know the product, so they ask for something they do know, price. They often just don’t know what else to ask!  As a sales person, you can merely answer the question and leave it there, or you can begin to ask questions and help the customer through the buying process.

If your sales person changes their answer to “just so I can help you better, would you mind if I asked you a few questions about the product you’re looking for?”  An unsure customer will welcome this and from there you can continue the conversation to make sure the customer leaves satisfied.

You should have a set of questions that each sales person can use based on the customer they are dealing with, and what that customer wants. For example, simple things like “Is this for you or a gift?” “How often will this be used?” “Do you know what color you’re looking for?” “Is there a size that would fit your needs the best?”  Be careful with these last two questions, though, as they are closed ended questions which can be easily answered with a “yes” or a ‘no”, and the  conversation may be over!

Your sales person knows your product, and, based on the information from the customer, he can provide the customer with the right product. Besides purchasing the right product and leaving satisfied, the customer will get the sense that your company genuinely cares about them.

Once the sales person gets the information needed to narrow down the options, he says “based on our conversation, your best options would be A or B. Which do you think would be best for you?”  Suggesting product choices gives the customer the option of buying A or B, rather than the option of Yes or No, yet gives the customer the empowerment of making the final decision.

Your sales person closes out the sale from there and sends your happy customer on their way. This process works for any business; services, cars, homes, retail, anywhere!

It is possible for every business owner to work out what their customer is looking for when they just ask for price, the trick is to discover what’s most important to them and make sure their needs are met. 

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Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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