Listen to your customers and make it count

It is so easy to get distracted by the everyday activities of running a business.  Does it sometimes seem to you like there is an endless list of things that require your immediate attention?  How many of them are urgent vs. important?  How do you determine which is which?

Getting swept up in these tasks all day every day can be a big problem in how your business runs and how you take care of your customers.

When everything gets really busy, without you even noticing, things begin to fall to the wayside. Unfortunately, your customers usually see what you don’t, and sometimes it takes a disaster from a customer to wake you up.

It is important to be able to pull yourself out of the current and take a look at what really is going on. The best way to do so is to try and see what’s going on through your customer’s eyes. There are multiple strategies you can use to do this.

A mystery shopper is a great tool to give you insight into customer experience and can expose what exactly you need to change. They may be expensive, but the cost of a mystery shopper far outweighs the potential loss of profit if (when?)  your business continues to deteriorate.

If you cannot afford a mystery shopper, you have several other options. For example, you could use a family member or friend who hasn’t used your services. Make sure they have the same experience that any other customer would have so that they get a true perception of what your business is like. Offer them a gift or one of your products as a ‘thank you’ for their help.

You can offer to take a few customers to lunch or to meet with them. Be sure to let them know that you are genuinely interested in their feedback and how you can improve. Most people would enjoy the opportunity to give their opinion about their experiences and your business. When you meet with them, make sure you have a list of prepared questions that will force them to focus on what happened, how they felt, and how you can change it and make it better.

This one-on-one time with your customers is so valuable, but it is important to actually use the information they give you. Take the feedback and make the changes necessary to improve your business.

Alternatively, create a simple survey asking you customers to rate you on several aspects of your business on a simple 1-5 or 1 – 10 scale

Show your customers that you’re really listening and improve your business to ensure that you keep growing and making money!

If you would like further information, have any questions about this blog, want me to mystery shop your business,or need help designing that survey for your business give me a call at 305-899-9963 or email me at [email protected] and we’ll make it happen.

Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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