Making your Standard Operating Procedures usable

Think about the book of standard operating procedures that no one seems to pay attention to- why isn’t it being utilized? If your systems don’t save, time, energy, or money your team members won’t do it.

If you think of the word SYSTEM as a pneumonic device, it would mean Saving Yourself Time Energy and Money. If your system doesn’t do that, there is no reason for your team to follow it. People are not going to going to work harder than they need to.

If you make your system practical, helpful, and easy your team will be more than willing to follow it. Think of your subliminal favorite radio station, WII-FM.  “What’s In It – For Me?” If there is nothing in it for them, your team members just won’t do it (willingly)! But just rewriting your system may not be the best way to change it. Be creative about your new operating procedures!

While it is true that a business needs the proper system to run well, it needs more than that. When you and your team share your vision then it will be easier for them to see the meaning of what their work. It will give what they do a purpose and a reason for them to follow your structure.

One of the most important parts of making your Standard Operating Procedures utilized in your business is how exactly you get it out to your team. The challenge is that everyone learns differently, not everyone will be able to sit down and read your manual and absorb everything in it. Including pictures or diagrams will help your visual learners, making a supplementary audio or video recording will help your auditory learners, or doing an activity to help the kinesthetic learners. Try a few different methods to get the information to stand out.

When revising your system, your best resources are the people that will need to use the system every day. Hand out a survey to your team or hold a meeting where they can put in their ideas. These are the people who really know what would work in your operating system.

Finally, don’t make it too complicated! Follow the K.I.S.S method!  Keep It Simple Stupid or Keep It Sweet & Simple if you don’t like that other ‘S’ word. Remember, you want it to make working in your business easier and more manageable- not more difficult.

Don’t let your Standard Operating Procedures fall to the wayside, make them easier for your team to follow and make it easier for your business to grow profits. 

If you would like further information or you have any questions about this blog give me a call at 305-899-9963 or email me at [email protected] and we’ll make it happen.

Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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