Systemize the routine, humanize the exception

Are you finding it difficult to grow your business and to give your staff new responsibilities? You can only do so much by yourself until you’re completely burnt out.

If you only think of how to do things, you’re going to be doing it by yourself forever. If every new employee has to be trained by you, then the growth of your business and that employee is limited by how much time you invest. Not only that, you have to remember what to teach them when they start and everything else along the way. This forces you to work on small, everyday tasks IN your business, instead of ON your business.

Have you ever been through this cycle: Going into your business each day hoping no one will quit, even if he’s terrible, but at the end of the day you wish you could fire him. You keep losing clients and deals and you’re just scraping by, but you don’t change anything. You just don’t have time to hire and train anyone. This is so frustrating!

You must learn to DIVIDE to grow your business. It’s DIVIDE to MULTIPLY, this is the idea of dividing to multiply the systemizing in your business.

Your accounts receivable, the money you have in the bank, technology, equipment- can any of these assets gain value in the next year? What about your systems and monitoring? There is so much value in a system of hiring the right people and training them on their most important responsibilities in the first few days. There is even more value in a manager who can do all of this for you!

Documenting and routinely monitoring your systems is where the true value is found. Think of the money when you lost 1 client per day for a week- that’s 5 X the amount you make from each client. That is real, tangible value. Along with this monetary cost, it’s your family, your relationships, and your health that are truly valuable.

So, systemize the routine, and humanize the exception.  Remember the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80-20 Rule.  Systemize the 80%…

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Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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