5 ways to improve your marketing strategy

If I asked you what you need most in your business, would you say more customers? And is that really true? Yes! Of course all businesses could do with more customers, but to gain them you need an effective marketing plan. But can you create that new marketing plan? All it really takes is some serious contemplation, and to keep these simple things in mind while you do:

1. Remember that you’re in the business of making profit. Do a little math to understand the cost of your customers.

2. Make this a long term plan. Do a little more math to get the most out of your marketing. Your biggest focus, say 60%, should be on the target market,  then 30% on working on the actual offer, and 10% on creating the copy, what you are actually going to say..

3. Pull in with marketing, then push the sale. Remember that marketing is an investment, but you want to get people to seek out your business. You should spend 50% of your time running or working IN your business and the other 50% with your marketing, ON the business.

4. Marketing requires math. An effective marketing strategy forces you to “buy customers.” When you work out how much a prospect and a customer costs you, or their “acquisition cost”, you can create your budget.

5. The value of your customers. If you give the best value and service to your customers it not only becomes repeat business, but their recommendations become free marketing!

Just remember throughout the process to continue testing and measuring and to schedule time to do so. Have no fear when it comes to updating as the market changes, as well.

Create a marketing plan that will bring new customers effectively, and then keep them with the great value you provide.  

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Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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