Delivering the best possible service

Having a great product or service, and providing that great product or service consistently are the reasons why customers return. There is something that sets those businesses apart from the competition.

Think about the businesses you frequent- you like the product they offer and they deliver the service you need and expect. How often do you revisit a place when the service is subpar? Maybe once more, to give them a second chance, but if the service is still poor you’ll find that product elsewhere.

 Your customers are no different. Every interaction they have with your business will be evaluated. If your service is below expectations then they will get the service from another source. If you are aware of how your customers feel about you, then you can master delivery.

To keep those customers coming back you have to become a master of delivering top notch service. Without customer service standards that you put in place for your business, you are unable to rely on your team members to do the right thing. You need to take charge and ensure high quality every time.

First of all, what are your goals? Do you know how you want your customers to feel when they do business with you? This will be your stepping point for the rest of your new systems for maintaining good service.

Second, you need to know what exactly you need for success with the customer service you provide. Think of things like the right inventory, how your store looks, if your customers can really see the quality they’re receiving, and how your employees interact with your customers.

All of these small pieces add up to the experience your customers have. By setting a standard and an expectation for each of these details you will deliver service your customers need.

The most challenging part is establishing concrete definitions for these expectations. Once you have these standards your team will be held accountable and you will be able deliver the same service each and every time. 

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Coach John
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