Developing your niche

Your niche (is it “nitch” or “neash”?) is necessary for growing profits and increasing cash flow so that you can have a successful business. That may seem obvious, but the definition of niche means  ”you have no price competition.”  In many ways this is where you get your marketing right. That’s what developing a niche is, making your marketing so productive that it speaks to your ideal customers and is an investment, not an expense. In other words, for every dollar you invest in marketing, more dollars are received in revenue and gross profit.  When you have a niche, you speak directly to your target market and that connection with your ideal customers makes any business strong.

So, to develop your niche, you have to start with a unique way of doing business. This doesn’t mean you accept bartering while others accept cash, this means your company has to develop an image, a brand that speaks to your ideal customer.

Your company’s brand must speak to your customers. They need to know who you are and then they will want to buy from you.

Focus on quality and your niche to move your business forward and get on that next level.

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And let me know, do you pronounce niche “nitch’ or “neash”?

Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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