Eliminating Time Vampires

Do you find that by Friday most of your weekly to do list that you wrote on Monday hasn’t been touched?   Hint:  Change your “TO DO” list to a “TO ACHIEVE” list.  Do you really want to “DO” stuff or “ACHIEVE” great things?

This is a common problem. Either you are planning too much in too little time, which is unlikely, or you are getting distracted by people and things are keeping you from what you set out to do.

These distractions could be anything from nonessential phone calls, to fixing old mistakes, to a particularly chatty customer, team member, friends or family… all business Time Vampires!

You can eliminate them by first identifying you distractions, then following through to get you back on track. Anything that takes up your time that isn’t planned or particularly productive.

First, start with a blank sheet of paper and on one side list your top 10 distractions. Next, try to imagine how much you could get done without wasting all that time on those distractions. Now, on the other side of the paper put down a solution for each distraction. Think about these lists often and apply them each day to rid yourself of all of your unnecessary distractions.

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Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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