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You may find it difficult to relax after long days in your business. In fact, it is a challenge for many business owners. Disorganization, inattention, mistakes, and general frustrations are obvious side effects of tiredness. But the problem is, in trying to counteract those symptoms, you work more and harder and that only intensifies the issues.

– Don’t spoil your day off with turning your computer on, opening your briefcase, or even thinking about work!

– Hire an assistant (or housekeeper) so that you don’t waste time off with chores- always delegate where you can.

– Silence your phone and turn on the answering machine when it’s time to switch off.

– Go to bed earlier (or later) so that you get the perfect amount of sleep for you and wake up feeling rested and recharged.

– Think about what you’re reading. The magazines, newspapers, and books you’re choosing should be uplifting, and generally make you happier.

– Unless you have specific programs you watch, try to avoid television. What you watch will affect the quality of your life.

– Whatever takes up space around you will take up space in your head, so clear out all the clutter.

– Plan for four weeks of vacation a year and be sure to secure that time well in advance. Yes, America, that’s for you.  Busy people like you in other countries do it!  Why not you?

– Give yourself 20 minutes of deep relaxation or meditation a day.

– Wherever your relaxation space is, your bedroom ,  living room, or cave, clear out all work materials so that you can completely separate yourself.

Use these tips to get the most out of your relaxation time so that you can get the most out of your work day, and more out of your life!

And just this past weekend, a dear friend and successful professional reconfirmed that a 1-20 minute nap early afternoon does wonders for re-invigoration. Try it!

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Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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