Why Service Really Matters

During difficult economic times, service is especially important. During good times people may not notice your efforts as much because they make quicker decisions. When times are tight people are more cautious of how their money is spent and will notice your efforts. Your customers will respond to more attention, appreciation, and recognition for their purchases.

Saving money and getting a good value are common topics among people during tough times and a powerful marketing tool (all the time, not just the tough ones) is word of mouth.

Great service just makes sense! Using the following ideas, you can achieve it…

– Quality service will differentiate you from your competition. Going the extra mile and being responsive makes you stand out and allow you to be remembered.

– Managing your customers’ expectations is essential.  It is impossible to give your customers everything they want all the time. Brining their expectations to what you can provide and “under promising and over delivering” are the best options to manage expectations and to keep your customers happy.

– When things go wrong, do everything you can to make it right again for your customer.  Restoring things for your customers will ensure future business.

– Spending a little time learning what it is like to be a customer in your own business, make a phone call or try out your competition. Take note of what your customers experience.

Focus on providing the best customer service and remember it is service that will keep the economy moving.

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Coach John
“Living beyond the ordinary”

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