How to lose customers

Having a solid client base is an invaluable source of good publicity and business. In order to keep this customer base, there are a few things you can avoid to ensure you keep your loyal customers.

  1. Overly promoting to them they already buy. A sure way to drive away your customers is to offer them, over and over, something they already buy from you. You are wasting money on marketing a product to people who are already buying it.
  2. Your customers want and need confidence that you will be consistent each time. If you deliver good quality products and services every time, your customers will trust you and keep coming back. Consistently providing ‘good’ service is far better than providing ‘excellent’ service one day and ‘mediocre’ service the following day. People like to know what to expect!
  3. Raising your prices without reason or explanation. Unless your product or service is so unbelievably remarkable you will drive away your price shoppers and subsequently much of your business.
  4. Slow responses. We now live in a technologically advanced, ‘fast food’ society, where instant, or almost, gratification is expected. If you take longer to respond than they expect to someone who wants to do their business with you, it is likely they will search elsewhere for swifter service.
  5. Seeming indifferent. Statistics routinely show that fully 55% of customers leave a business because of “perceived indifference”. People like to feel important, if you have an A+ customer, make sure they know that. By staying in the line of sight of the best customers they will keep coming back to you.

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