Here’s How to Achieve Your Competitive Advantage

The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage…

Sales Training Plain & Simple

This is a hands-on, information packed, nothing left out sales training workshop that will give you the tools to exponentially increase your sales conversion ratio.

You will learn all aspects of making the sale, including: the different types of salespeople; what motivates prospects to buy; communication tools; NLP; communication modalities; personal behavioral styles; old selling vs. new selling; question based selling; relationship opening techniques, and much more. More info…

Business Professionalism

A business and its team that is truly professional and exhibits great business manners will attract new customers, retain existing ones, and have them referring you business. In this interactive workshop you and your team will learn about blame management; choosing your attitude; the principles of impeccable work behavior, including appropriate business dress codes; the role of good manners in business; verbal and other harassment; working styles, living styles and Win/Win situations; the identity iceberg; behavioral & communication styles; phone, voice mail, faxes and e-mail professionalism; managing vs. leading; leading by example; the successful team leader; and the six keys to leading your team to victory.

Team Building & Teamwork Training

A high performance team is what distinguishes a mediocre business from a world class organization. This interactive workshop includes team building activities, exercises, and ideas to turn your team and business around.

You’ll learn: working and living styles; the formula for change; the identity iceberg; why fear holds teams back; communication and behavioral styles; the cycle of business; and the keys to a winning team. More info…

Customer Service Skills Training

If you want your customers to keep coming back, become raving fans, and your company’s best sales force, this workshop is for YOU!

You’ll learn: who your customers really are; to distinguish between wants & needs; to identify key moments of truth; why customers don’t come back; how to train your customers to climb the ladder of loyalty…and stay there.

Telephone Sales Skills

That first telephone call, whether incoming or outgoing creates the first and often lasting impression of your business. How you continue and complete your call determines how effective your sales will be.

You will learn: beliefs callers and receivers have; how to test & measure; phone power performance standards; the question funnel; what AIDA has to do with anything; and how to handle objections.

Leadership Training

Also known as the Competitive Edge Boot Camp. Are you a transactional manager, or a transformational leader? In this no holds barred, intensive training workshop you will learn how to lead and transform your organization from an ‘also ran’ into a race winner by using the 6 steps to massive results. Lead you business out of the wilderness and transform it into the well oiled money making machine with the lifestyle you deserve.

Mission Statement Development

First we clarify your vision, then we develop your mission, determine your unique selling proposition and create the guarantees in your organization which will drive your customers to buy again and again with confidence and passion.

My vision is success and prosperity in South Florida through business re-education.
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