Small Business Coaching in South Florida vs. Business Consulting

It’s summer year round in South Florida, so this light-hearted look at the differences between Business Consulting and Small Business Coaching in South Florida. It is a little tongue in cheek and is not meant to offend anyone.

Trying to explain the difference between small business coaching in South Florida and business consulting has some similarities to explaining the difference between Americans and the British, or for that matter any two other English speaking nations. Believe me I know!

To the outsider, small business coaching in South Florida and business consulting have the same feel, use the same words and appear to offer similar services. However, to steal a phrase from ‘Shrek’, business coaching and business consulting are like onions, both have many layers, but a green onion is not the same as a Yellow onion, or a Vidalia onion.

From my prior experience as a business consultant to my recent, fulfilling experiences with Small Business Coaching in South Florida, I have realized there is a big difference between the two professions.

Business ConsultantsBusiness Coaches
Are used to solve problems or if in-house expertise is not availableAre there when the client acknowledges somewhere within themselves that they need to make changes but are not quite sure how
Provide a source of blame if a project failsAre confided in, relied upon and trusted
Swoop in – their arrival being equated to upheaval and changeMake a quiet entrance, their purpose and tactics perhaps not initially being understood
Don’t need to be liked as they are not sticking around for longBuild long term relationships, are in it for the long haul
Are revered, considered as experts and spoken about in hushed voicesAre bragged about in social circles – e.g. “I have a Business Coach and they …”
Are sometimes despised (but that’s usually because the suggested changes are not implemented by the business)Are the catalyst for change – being the thorn in the side until projects are completed and techniques learned
Are the butt of jokes, as employees think they could do the job just as wellAre joked about at networking events just because of their sheer numbers and types
Scope the problem, write proposals and quote a price.
They do not deviate – come what may!
Don’t write proposals – they help develop action plans.
Are flexible and sensitive to clients needs.
Research, attend meetings, define, strategize and create solutions, documents and thick, professional looking reportsProvide support, focus, strategies, tools, systems and expertise
Deliver a specified program, provide frameworks, guidelines and plans – and then depart. (Unless of course the client pays extra for implementation or training then an equally well documented and swish looking series of reports will also be provided).Stay with the client as long as needed to make sure things happen
Consultants are rarely there to see changes and recommendations implementedSuggested changes become part of specific action plans that are tested and measured. Clients learn by doing.
Does the business benefit? Sometimes

As long as it has determination, sticks to the plan, and can plough through all of the documentation without any extra help.

Does the business benefit? ALWAYS

In summary, telling someone what to do is not business coaching but business consulting. Small business coaching in South Florida is about giving myself and my expertise to help clients build the momentum they need to achieve their goals with me supporting them each step of the way.

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