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Now you can turn your entire Sales Force into a Passionate Profit Force…

Get Your Sales Force Selling More Than They’ve Ever Sold Before …

Almost every professional on the face of this earth needs to continuously update their skills … Whether you’re a doctor, an architect, lawyer, computer programmer, financial analyst, or a business owner, you should be constantly learning new skills, refining old ones and retrenching “bad habits.”

So, why would your Sales Team be any different? Selling is a skill, a skill that can be acquired. For the most part, a person who is taught how to sell and who understands the “science” behind the buyer’s mentality, will achieve a better sales record than a person who acquires the skill of selling and who adopts a hit and miss approach to their sales technique.

If you’re in business then you’re selling something…

So why restrict your profit levels just because your sales people do not understand the “science” behind the buying process? Unleash your sales machine by sending your sales team on a 1-day sales extravaganza …

If you’re serious about making massive profits from your business you’ll want to put your entire sales team through possibly the simplest, and yet most powerful sales training ever developed. At Synergis Business Solutions, we’re firm believers in sales leading a company’s growth efforts, and that’s why we think every Business Owner should put their entire Sales Team through Sales Made Simple

Forget the “pushy” style of sales, or the “too-soft” sales techniques of the past. Your team will come out armed with the knowledge and skills to get them performing beyond your wildest expectations.

Here’s an example of what you’ll learn:

  • Conversion techniques, rapport building skills, communication strategies …
  • How the sales process should flow …
  • How to sell the four key personality types …
  • How to get the customers to sell themselves …
  • How to overcome any objections …
  • How to set up a sale from the first contact …
  • How to ask great questions …
  • AND how to ask for the sale time-after-time …

Sales Made Simple is a full day workshop that will have your team firing like never before. Unlike many “hype” sales courses on the market today that have your team pumped up and yelling slogans for 2 or 3 days, Sales Made Simple will give your team the essential sales tools that will have them performing at the peak – day in, day out.

This in-house training program can be run with you and your entire team, or you can send a few of your team to one of our regular public workshops. Everything you learn is based on real-life selling skills, not some way-out theory. You will hardly recognize your own Sales Team as they assume a confidence that comes from knowledge, skills, techniques, and a true understanding of what makes a top salesperson.

You can’t afford not to put your entire Sales Team through this training program. So get ready to have money flooding into your bank account. Call Business Coach John Layzell today and organize for your team to experience Sales Made Simple.

What others have said about Sales Made Simple Workshop:

Gary returned from your sales course recently with a different level of enthusiasm. Since your training, his call rate is up 40% and has picked up 3 A-grade customers who had previously left us. The course has given him the ability to focus on the more important issues in his sales duties. Thanks for your assistance and well done!
— John Travers – Freshcorp

I feel refreshed regarding the sales process, and updated with my personal improvement program.
— Victor Pritzker – United Motors

Reinforced many sales concepts and pulled together a lot of loose areas of sales training that had been taught in the past but not thoroughly detailed… Thank you for all your help…
— Leanne Berenschot – Keeping Count

I feel I had a good overview of sales tactics and gathered new information and strategy. I found this to be a very positive use of time.
— Augustin Cooper – Rathberger International

As a new sales rep, everything was very beneficial. The 10 visits/calls chart at the end was most eye opening.
— M. Avery – Tech One

My vision is success and prosperity in South Florida through business re-education.
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