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7 Reasons why the Total Team Workshop is a must for every business…

The Total Team Workshop is the most powerful day you and your people will ever invest together…

You’ve probably heard the expression that a team of champions will never beat a champion team. Never is this more true than in business. Simply put, the fastest way to grow profits in ANY business is to get everyone working towards a common goal, as a committed team.

Turn Your Team of Champions Into A Champion Team…

So why restrict your profit levels just because your sales people do not understand the “science” behind the buying process? Unleash your sales machine by sending your sales team on a 1-day sales extravaganza …

If you’re ever going to take time out from running your business, then the people who work there will need to run it for you…

In most businesses, you refer to your employees as staff, but after attending the Total Team Workshop, they will be called your team. You see, staff requires constant supervision, because they are not committed to the success of your business, whereas a team is dedicated because your success and their success are intertwined.

Here’s just a few of the priceless techniques you’ll learn:

  • The critical elements necessary to have a winning team…
  • How to build a supportive and productive culture…
  • The various working styles of your team…
  • How to effectively communicate with each other…
  • How to continually maintain self-respect…
  • How to deal with internal conflict…
  • How to work with and show respect for others…

Should you choose to run an entire team weekend, you’ll get practical hands-on experience of each and every factor as well.

Our Total Team Workshop is the most exciting full-day training you will ever run in your business. At the start of the day, your staff will walk through the door. By the end of the day, your highly-motivated and focused team will charge out the door, ready to perform above and beyond your wildest expectations.

We know this seems like a big promise, but to us it’s just a simple reality. You see, building a team is a process anyone can follow. Now it’s time for you and your team to learn the process.

Internal politics can tear a business apart. Unhappy and unmotivated staff are the fastest way to bring down any business. But once your team has been through our Total Team Workshop, they will begin to work together like a happy, harmonious and well-oiled machine.

This workshop isn’t for everyone. Only those who are truly ready to have their team take over the lead should even consider it… This workshop can only be run in-house, over either one or two full days.

You’ll be amazed at the increase in productivity. Time management will be taken to an all time high. This possibly is the most powerful and entertaining workshop on the planet. Absenteeism will be a distant memory, as you, your team and your customers look forward to spending time in your business.

So contact John Layzell, South Florida’s Business Coach, right now and start building your championship winning team today.

What others have said about Total Team Workshop:

Having you run a one-day team building workshop with my staff was the best thing we have done in a long time. I really didn’t expect such a big change in attitude and team work after just one day.
Ian Palmer – Integrity in Business

Analyzing the staff styles we undertook (DISC). It totally revolutionized the way things were done as we now make sure people are suited to their positions. We had reached the turning point and everything began to happen. The first six months of 2004 our turnover rose to $900K, and we doubled that in the second half as the coaching principles kicked in. That was in only one of my business. 2005 will see that grow to $3million+
Bruce Tanner

I was skeptical at first, but I knew we needed major changes in our business. After 2 months, our extra profits have easy covered our investment and our predictions for the next 10 months are amazing.
M Avery – Coomera Pet Motel

When I first looked at the Mentoring Program it looked expensive, but from the inside looking out, it’s been the best money I have ever spent. Sales are up over $3000 per month since I started and the things I have learnt and expect to learn, will ensure that I will enjoy strong sustainable growth in the future.
Wayne Manson – Hospital Supplies

My vision is success and prosperity in South Florida through business re-education.
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