Growing Your Business

How to lose customers

Having a solid client base is an invaluable source of good publicity and business. In order to keep this customer base, there are a few things you can avoid to ensure you keep your loyal customers. Overly promoting to them they already buy. A sure way to drive away your customers is to offer them, […]

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Prioritize and strategize

Feeling like you’re working hard and not getting anywhere is a common problem. Often, people work just a little bit on a lot of different tasks. Then at the end of the day it feels like you worked so hard but didn’t get anything done. Fortunately there are strategies you can employ to stop that […]

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Hiring the right person the first time

When you are hiring a new employee, getting the right person the first time around saves you a lot of time and money. These simple tips will ensure that you hire the right person. Rather than calling them employees, let’s start out by calling them team members Group interview: While a person might seem like […]

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Look back and plan forward

The New Year is a natural time to want to start making some changes. Which is why now is the time to look back on your year. While experience is great to have, you need to evaluate it to get the most out of it. In order to be more successful in this New Year, […]

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Identifying your customers- how and why

There is an 80/20 rule that shows itself in several different places throughout your business. The 80/20 rule is actually The Pareto Principle, named after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population, and that 20% of the pea pods in […]

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Mark up vs. margin

The terms markup and margin are often mistakenly used interchangeably, though they are quite different. Getting this right makes a big difference in the profitability in your business. Markup is percentage amount added to the cost price to arrive at the selling price. Margin is the amount of gross profit made on the selling price, […]

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Why Service Really Matters

During difficult economic times, service is especially important. During good times people may not notice your efforts as much because they make quicker decisions. When times are tight people are more cautious of how their money is spent and will notice your efforts. Your customers will respond to more attention, appreciation, and recognition for their […]

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Managing your results

Mastering the basics of running a business is the first thing I work on with a new client. Managing your money, your time, and the consistency of your product and delivery are the key to running your business. These fundamentals are so important to running your business because you need to know where you are […]

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Relax and improve your business

You may find it difficult to relax after long days in your business. In fact, it is a challenge for many business owners. Disorganization, inattention, mistakes, and general frustrations are obvious side effects of tiredness. But the problem is, in trying to counteract those symptoms, you work more and harder and that only intensifies the […]

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Developing your niche

Your niche (is it “nitch” or “neash”?) is necessary for growing profits and increasing cash flow so that you can have a successful business. That may seem obvious, but the definition of niche means  ”you have no price competition.”  In many ways this is where you get your marketing right. That’s what developing a niche […]

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