South Florida Business Coaching – Testimonials

THANK YOU for being such an inspiration and such an eye opener for me in my business(es). It is truly a blessing to have you in my corner. . . . so thank you coach!
– Amy Sherit, Creative Marketing Concepts & AroundTown Magazine

John, I am thrilled with this coaching program and I absolutely love how balanced I feel learning so many new things. I just wanted you to know that I am grateful that you popped into our lives and that we are better for knowing you.
– Tamara Chase, Chase Contracting

John Layzell has for the past five years provided me, my partners and our company with a most rewarding business educational experience. John has taught us the difference between owning a business and being business owners. John has without doubt been the single most important catalyst for our business growth and has brought to the surface, our confidence and the understanding that we now know now what we didn’t know what we didn’t know . We believe wholeheartedly in the business coaching format and would recommend John Layzell to anyone already in business or considering starting a business. John is truly a star.”
Mark Tortora, Director & Chief Operating Officer, IMA Yachts

“Before hiring John as our Business Coach in South Florida, I was a little skeptical because John had never worked with anybody in our industry before, and I wasn’t sure how he could help us. Well, he did, and what a difference he has made in our business. The first thing we did was a team training day for our worldwide associates. It opened our eyes! We’ve been in business for 13 years and realize how much we still have to learn. Our revenues and profits are up, and we are well on track for our best year ever. I have no hesitation in recommending John as the South Florida Business Coach to help you fulfill your goals and grow your business”
– Gabe O’Meara, President, Translators, Inc

“John has been my Business coach in South Florida for almost 2 years, and he has helped make my business more productive through generating more new patients and improving the team relationship, thereby generating more revenue. He is extremely responsive and attentive to detail. My business is growing, thanks largely to John, and I highly recommend him to any business owner wishing to take their business to a higher level.”
– Dr. Steven Rifkin, President, Smile Design Associates

“I met John in a networking organization. I listened to him and his testimonials time and time again and decided to try his services for myself. John suggested a simple change in the business cards that we were using. We took his advice and immediately increased our profits by 40%! Since that time, I have hired John as a consultant on other occasions and as always his marketing ideas and coaching is right on the money! If you’ve never had a business coach and you own a business then you must give John a try. If you think you can’t afford a business coach, think again. You can’t afford not to have a business coach! The increases in your profits will far surpass the cost of your investment.”
James Jackson, President. Castrillo Home Service

“Both employees and management were very pleased with the training, and all attendees had great enthusiasm and a wonderful positive attitude of what they had learned.”
– Kevin Borrosso, Vice President, Carisam

“John’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and that alone has lifted our business efforts. John’s guidance was invaluable. We were able to secure additional sizable contracts because of John’s concern and care for our business.”
– Scott Butler & Scott Wilson, Partners, Wilson Butler Lodge, Inc.

“I have known and worked with Business Coach John Layzell in various capacities for many years in South Florida. His professionalism and organizational skills have always been an asset to any endeavor we have been involved in. His ability to identify challenges and to create opportunities has been invaluable to us, as it would certainly be to any company. I would recommend him to any business.”
– Tom W. Graboski, President, Tom Graboski Associates,Inc.

“Our revenues and profits are up, our team’s productivity is up, and my spirits are definitely up. Now I truly enjoy going to my business! If you don’t hire John as your South Florida Business Coach, you must be on drugs!”
– Marty Silverberg, Allied Home Mortgage

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